To: Scott Kubly, Director, Department of Transportation, Sally Bagshaw, Neighborhood Committee Chair, Tom Rasmussen, Transportation Committee Chair, Mike O’Brien, Transportation Committee Co-chair, Andrew Glass-Hastings, Transit and Transpor...

We want safer streets: NO Dynamic Message Sign on 24th Ave E. & E. Lee St.

The sign SDOT that plans to place at 24th Ave E & E. Lee St. is out of scale for a single family residential neighborhood, will not reduce traffic in the Montlake/520 interchange and will push motorists onto small roadways already crowded with parked vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and with little capacity to accommodate increased traffic flow.

We the undersigned find the installation of the Dynamic Messaging Sign at 24th Ave E. and E. Lee St. incongruent with our values for our neighborhoods. Please reconsider installing the DMS in a location that can provide more meaningful and suitable alternatives to drivers.

Why is this important?

SDOT's stated reason for installing a sign in this particular location is to alert drivers of incidents between Boyer Ave E and Husky Stadium. In the case of an incident, the sign will instruct motorists to turn west onto Boyer Ave E to avoid the backup. This DMS will be the only one of it’s kind in a single-family residential neighborhood. SDOT has said that installation will run $400,000.

I am concerned because:

* By the time you reach 24th & E. Lee, there are very few options to avoid traffic other than cutting through our neighborhoods, causing excess traffic and safety concerns.

* The sign creates a visual distraction on an already dangerous street for pedestrians and bikers. This will further endanger us as we attempt to cross the street.

* SDOT has failed to engage the community on this installation. While they informed the homes that are north of the corner in December 2015, they did not reach out to homes south, east or west of the installation site.

* This sign will direct vehicles, including large commercial trucks and tractor-trailers, to use Boyer Ave E. Boyer Ave E. is a narrow residential street that is a major commuting route for bicyclists. It also is the home of school and church.

Time is of the essence on this issue as SDOT has stated their intention to install the sign this summer. I am requesting your help in stopping it.


Reasons for signing

  • 7f6QNE
  • I used to live in this neighborhood - please do not put this sign up, it will reduce the quality of life for the neighbors.
  • Montlake has small narrow streets that turn and bend. Drivers will look for other exits after Boyer Ave E. that can handle the traffic that is planed to exit on to a neighborhood street which has it's own problems. Drivers will get into the single car width streets, the dead end streets, the one way streets, hoping to find a better way out, and Montlake will be haven for angry drivers. This is not safety, it is not improving a situation that has always existed. Leaving it as it is, so peo...

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