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To: Voters across America

What kind of America do you want?

What kind of America do you want?

What kind of America do I want?
Our democracy is now at great risk. We all need to focus on what is most important. A good way to do that is to ask yourself this question: What kind of America do I want?
A country controlled by autocratic, white supremacist, heterosexual males and their allies who refuse to abide by free and fair elections because they don’t have enough votes to win fairly. A country that functions as an autocracy, where the wealthiest members of this “in” group run everything including the elections. A country that ensures that some of us who are different are unable to vote at all. A country with gerrymandered voting districts where the votes are counted by this same white supremacist group and if the votes don’t add up for them the vote is not certified. A country that does not welcome the voices of America’s women, dissenting white males, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, Jews, as well as homosexuals and other members of LGBT groups. A country that squashes dissent by any means necessary including violence. A country that believes that greatness comes from the color of one’s skin. A country that is not for all the people and of all the people.
A country that welcomes the voices and votes of all Americans regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation as long as they want to participate fairly in America’s Representative Democracy. A country that strives to ensure that all who vote have an equal share of influence on who is elected (i.e., one person, one vote). A country whose immigration laws and practices are not discriminatory. A country that loves democracy and the rule of law and seeks to extend it whenever possible. A country that believes that greatness comes from the quality of its ideals. A country that you, your children and grandchildren can be proud of.

If you want the kind of country described in the second paragraph above, then in every election only vote for those who swear to abide by those principles. Do this no matter whether you have voted for Republicans, Democrats or Independents in the past. Without democracy, nothing else works. If you love democracy then re-post this on your web pages to help spread the word.

Why is this important?

January 6th was one year ago and yet America's Democracy is more vulnerable than ever. Many states are enacting laws to make voter suppression and a future coup more likely. Many more Americans are victims of conspiracy theories. The next several national elections will determine if democracy continues or is replaced by autocracy.



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