To: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey

Whole Foods: Drop the Lawsuit Attacking Activist Free Speech

Ask Whole Foods CEO John Mackey to drop the lawsuit against nonviolent activists who have asked Whole Foods for transparency around their animal products.

Why is this important?

Beginning in 2014, DxE activists have undertaken multiple undercover investigations of Whole Foods suppliers, exposing what they call criminal animal cruelty at farms that include Diestel Turkey Ranch, Pitman Family Farms (Mary’s Free Range Chicken) and Petaluma Farms. The investigations have led to thousands of complaints against Whole Foods on social media and protests across the country against both Whole Foods and its parent company, Amazon. Rather than have an honest conversation about the animal cruelty happening at their farms, Whole Foods has resorted to suing the activists who are exposing the truth and is even asking for a restraining order to keep these activists from asking any more questions at Whole Foods. Activists who expose the truth should be rewarded not punished. Ask Whole Foods CEO John Mackey to drop the charges and tell customers the truth!