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Wildland Firefighter Protection Act (H.R. 2858)

SUPPORT WILDLAND FIREFIGHTERS: tell Congress and the White House to enact H.R. 2858, the Wildland Firefighter Protection Act!

Wildland firefighters are the worlds largest and most professionally trained firefighting force. They are also among the most exploited. The federal government refuses to recognize them properly, pays and treats them poorly compared to private and state agencies, and denies them certain benefits. Wildland firefighters (formally recognized as "forestry and range technicians") selflessly spend months away from loved ones to protect lives and property, while enduring adverse working conditions. They risk their own lives for relatively low wages, and are not compensated for much of the time spent away from home and family. Please see the petition links for more info.

Please sign BOTH petitions that are already in circulation at (goal of 100k signatures) and at

Without public support and pressure, this bill which has taken nearly two decades to finally come about, may not pass into law.
Thank you for your support!

Why is this important?

I have been a federal seasonal wildland firefighter since 2007. I have fought fires in 8 states and worked on hand crews, engine crews and helicopter crews. For decades wildland firefighters have quietly endured some of the most adversely dangerous and difficult working conditions. We love our jobs, but all we ask is to be properly recognized, to be treated fairly, and to be compensated and looked after in a manner that is consistent with other firefighters around the nation. It doesn't seem right to me that people that prepare espresso have comparable wages and better benefits than those who regularly risk their lives for life and property.