To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Wildlife Management Change

We, the people of the world, refuse any longer to tolerate the unspeakable brutality forced upon our wolves at the hands of "man." We are sickened by your lazy thoughtlessness that ignores the research, investigations, help and advise from top conservation specialists. Wildlife Management's goal is to protect, restore, and enhance the lives of our beautiful wildlife. With reckless abandonment, you continue to fail at providing for our wolves. WE WANT CHANGE NOW!!! If the present employees can not make this turn, we INSIST that you replace them. Creative, innovative caring people with an unmoving attitude for a NO Kill Plan, and a strong desire to activate the world toward this goal is a must for Wildlife Management FUTURE. The results of this campaign will easily create jobs, services and products, aiding in the recovery of our economy and advancing on our path to a more positive future. The over 120 million dollars in tax payers money is plenty to achieve this honorable goal. CHANGE NOW!!! NO EXCUSES!

Why is this important?

The present Wildlife Management Plan fails to protect, restore, or enhance the lives of our beautiful wolves. Time after time Wildlife Management has failed to do their job, resulting in massive, brutal, and unnecessary slaughter of our beloved wolves. This is no longer acceptable!!!