To: Rep. Ken Buck (CO-4)

Will we ever feel safe again at a concert or movie, or school?

When do enough people die that taking money from the NRA will be recognized as obscene? How many innocent lives are lost because of campaign donations made by the NRA which buy votes against common sense gun laws? I am deeply disturbed to see that you, Congressman Ken Buck, have received such a huge amount of money from the NRA. Can you even hear your constituents when you are so indebted to them?

You have consistently voted pro NRA and you do not even listen to us whom you represent. You and your fellow congressman have passed laws that have little to do with gun rights and everything to do with profit. Consequently my grandchildren are afraid to even be in a crowd, and no, they would not be safer carrying a gun. Please reconsider your voting record and stop taking money from the NRA.

Why is this important?

Representative Ken Buck has received $800,544 in NRA support.

My family owns guns which we have had to use on injured livestock and wild dogs attacking our livestock, but we do not support the NRA nor do we believe that anyone needs an assault weapon. I have lost one friend to gun violence and have watched my grandchildren become terrified of going to movies and being in crowd situations. Enough is enough.