To: William Barr, Attorney General

William Barr Should Resign Now

It is time for the American people and our Congress to force Attorney General William Barr to resign—and Congress must impeach him if he refuses.

Why is this important?

After such a biased and unjust summary of the Mueller Report and now a biased and unprecedented press conference to mis-lead the American People further, this sub-standard Attorney General should resign. He is supposed to protect the Constitution, not represent the president, especially this particular one, who exhibits no respect for the Rule of Law.


Reasons for signing

  • Burr, Loeffler, and others guilty of insider trading all need to be prosecuted. At one of the worst times in our history, they are only looking out for themselves. Despicable.
  • Democracy and justice threatened in America.
  • Barr needs to be disbarred ASAP. He’s not allowing anyone to investigate current & future 2020 election rigging & tampering without his authorization!!! Unethical! Corrupt! Evil! Shady!

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