To: The United States House of Representatives

Wind isn’t Working

Many environmentalists, like myself, are dismayed at the "dollars before science" and "one size fits all" attitude toward energy. I am very much in favor of getting away from fossil fuels, but wind energy is just not right for New Hampshire. In New Hampshire, we will get too little return on investment to sacrifice our beautiful ridgelines. Furthermore, federal subsidies are making it difficult for us to fight them. Please sign this petition to send to your congressman to support ending tax credits for wind subsidies in a tax reform bill sponsored by Congressmen Kevin Brady and Mike Thompson.

Why is this important?

I moved to New Hampshire from densely populated urban centers around Boston and New York, especially to get away from crowded, dirty cities and urban sprawl. Although am a devout environmentalist, my first view of a 400-foot wind turbine in the woods did not make me happy – it made me sick. We have very little wilderness left – we don’t need industrial wind parks in the forest.