To: The Wisconsin State House and The Wisconsin State Senate

Wisconsin Foie Gras Ban

Please have compassion and ban the sale of foie gras in the state of Wisconsin, and stop restaurant establishments from selling and buying this unecessary and cruel product.

Why is this important?

Wisconsin is one of the many states that allows foie gras to be sold and bought in restaurant establishments, this cruel product has no use in our restaurants.
Foie gras is made through a process of having a large metal pole being shoved down a helpless duck's neck. The ducks are often confined in cages and can't move. They are unable to fight back when they are being force fed, the sale of foie gras for human consumption violates the Poultry Products Inspection Act (PPIA) which states that they prohibit diseased, or "manipulated" meat from entering the food supply.


Reasons for signing

  • This is a disgraceful inhumane practice which should never been allowed in the first place. It is animal abuse to the highest degree and must be banned.
  • Humans, believing to be evolved and of superior intellect, must use their superior intellect to research “cruelty free” options. PLANT BASED DIET. Someone, with ANY intelligence, can solve and resolve this for a humane outcome that is non-exploitative, compassionate and benefic for animals. PLANT BASED DIET. Humans with allegedly “superior intellect ” should use their “superior minds” to find suitable options/solutions to match their “superior intellect,” rather than, as sociopaths, enslav...
  • Really sick. I didn't know diseased organs were a delicacy! Just think of all these human organs that are diseased, when Uncle John dies of liver disease, we can pay for his funeral by selling his liver! Totally awesome... Let's stop being stupid and greedy. Money money money! It's all about money. Not the suffering of a helpless animal.