To: The United States Senate and President Donald Trump

Withdraw nomination of anti-LGBT lawyer Gordon Giampietro!

Gordon Giampietro remains a nominee to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, even after the shocking discovery of two inflammatory and bigoted 2015 audio recordings where he mocks a Supreme Court justice and calls same-sex marriage "an assault on nature..against God's plan."

He has also made racially divisive comments.

This type of prejudice and bias have no place in our federal courts.

We must ensure his nomination is withdrawn.

Thank you.

Why is this important?

One in three of Trump's judicial nominees have an explicit anti-LGBT record and Mr. Giampietro is just the latest to get caught red-handed voicing his bigotry on air. This type of prejudice and bias have no place in our federal courts. The vitriolic and incendiary anti-LGBT rhetoric from Giampietro captured in the recordings, while shocking and disturbing, is unfortunately par for the course with respect to many of the judicial nominees coming out of this White House.

In addition, Giampietro has made disturbing comments in blog posts about what he calls a "racial spoils system;" writing about the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he claimed that "calls for diversity" are "code for relaxed standards." He has also said in interviews that he, "grew up next to lawyers, architects and crack dealers...The common denominator [he] saw was that the children who succeeded in Washington, [DC] were in private schools, and the children who turned out to be criminals were in public schools."

Even if it is becoming commonplace, we must never accept this discriminatory and divisive as worthy of a federal judge.


Reasons for signing

  • How did this person even be in a position to 'judge' Anything, let alone 'judge' PEOPLE?
  • This guy got fired from Michael-Best and has no business on any bench!!
  • ** Judges must give opinions BY THE LAW. His religious beliefs are his own, and must not countermand the law. He cannot be in charge of other people's lives, because his beliefs are inflammatory, anti-gay and racist. IN THE UNITED STATES, WE NEED FAIRNESS FOR EACH PERSON.**