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To: Care New England

Women & Infants Hospital, bring back your fired healthcare workers!

Women and Infants hospital of RI has fired experienced, caring, compassionate and valuable nurses, and other healthcare workers, some with over 20 years of dedicated service, over their religious beliefs. These employees are not able to take an employer mandated medical treatment because to do so would violate their sincerely held religious beliefs. Women and Infants hospital has denied 100% of religious exemptions submitted but currently has employees working under medical exemptions. If their policy was truly about infection control, they would apply their policy consistently. These nurses have dedicated their careers to caring for women and babies in the community and now they are being prevented from doing what they love. Other hospitals in Rhode Island are calling their terminated employees and asking them to come back to work. They are honoring religious  exemptions as required by the CMS mandate. It is time for YOU, Care New England to follow suit. Do the right thing and bring back your fired health care workers!

Why is this important?

Healthcare workers were deemed heroes throughout the pandemic and now they’re losing their jobs and livelihoods over an employer mandated medical procedure that violates their religious beliefs.


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