To: Elliot Greenberger, General Manager, Divvy Bikes

Workers in Sustainable Transit Deserve Sustainable Wages!

Divvy workers work hard to run one of the largest bikeshare systems in North America. We formed a union to make sure that we’re treated fairly, and now Divvy is trying to refuse us wages that we can live on.

Divvy: this system runs because of US, and we deserve a living wage!

Why is this important?

As bikeshares explode in popularity across the country, we want to make sure that workers in these systems aren't left behind, and that workers in the growing sustainable transit industry get sustainable wages.


Reasons for signing

  • Pay these people a decent wage.
  • You won't be this successful without those workers. So please pay their right to live.
  • Divvy benefits off of a public private partnership and the infrastructure of Chicago that was built by tax payers. Pay your employees living wages and let them unionize.