To: WOSU TV 34, Columbus, Oh.

WOSU - TV 34, Columbus: Air the documentary "Citizen Koch"

Koch money shouldn't influence public television programming--we want to see the film "Citizen Koch" aired on PBS.

Why is this important?

"Citizen Koch" was pulled from a national public television broadcast because of fear of upsetting David Koch, who has been a major donor to public television. But public television stations should answer to viewers like me, not to billionaires like the Koch brothers--and I want to see this important documentary.

Will you join the call for a national broadcast of "Citizen Koch" on Independent Lens?


Reasons for signing

  • Last night I was watching the documentary on the Vietnam War it would be a lot better thing to watch it was able to hear people talk about the soldiers and all the other ones that were there we didn't get to hear nothing except a mouth move no boys no audio so it was done wrong done not correctly you need to redo it and don't know it again so we all get to understand what they're saying and where they're coming from so you need to do it right and respectfully not at ass
  • Grow a backbone and show the documentary. What do you have to lose...besides your job. Better your job than your self esteem and patriiotism to this nation rather than the damned Koch brothers.
  • knowledge is the only way to have a true democracy