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To: Current WYBL officers

WYBL Takeover

Over the course of this 2024 season with WYBL there have been many issues arise with the way the league has been managed. There are major issues with organization and communication. It has come to light that the league committee has not been following certain bylaws which has resulted in upset parents, coaches, and players. The league is losing kids everyday and we do not want that to continue to happen. It is our belief that if there were to be new officers to take over, that we could most definitely turn things around and have a strong and successful league for our town. Our kids deserve the best and currently we feel that they are the ones suffering the most from the lack of structure within this league. We want to have a league that can have home games with concession stand open and fields maintained to the best of our ability. 
We need as many signatures as possible in order to be successful in the resignation of the current league officers so that we can save our hometown baseball league. Thank you for your time! 

Why is this important?

This is important to the kids of our town because we have had a successful league here in Wellsville for over 10 years. We have lost a great number of kids to River Valley League in East Liverpool. If we continue on with no changes to the committee, it is very possible that our league will no longer exist within a couple of years. There are plenty of coaches and parents that care enough to turn this around and build the best possible league for our kids. 

How it will be delivered

Social media. Email. Text messaging.



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