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To: Wyoming State House & Senate

Wyoming legislators: Expand Medicaid now!

Photo by Total Shape on Unsplash

The Wyoming Legislature is considering a bill, “House Bill 80 – Medical Treatment Opportunity Act,” that would finally expand Medicaid in Wyoming to 19,000 of our uninsured neighbors.

We need our State Representatives and State Senators to vote to expand Medicaid in Wyoming now!

Why is this important?

~19,000 people in Wyoming would receive basic healthcare access from Medicaid expansion. Two-thirds of these folks work low-income jobs that don’t provide health benefits. These are ranchers, farmers and small business employees—many struggling in jobs without health benefits.

Our rural hospitals are also struggling to serve their communities, because they lose millions providing services to people with no insurance.

By expanding Medicaid, thousands of Wyomingites get access to affordable healthcare, rural hospitals get the funds they need to stay open, and millions of federal tax dollars come back to Wyoming, where they belong.

All of our neighboring states have expanded Medicaid successfully. In Montana, it has greatly helped their economy, healthcare industry, and state budget. We need to do this too!

Wyoming residents all pay federal income taxes. Those taxes go on to pay for expanded Medicaid services in 38 other states, but not Wyoming. It’s time to bring our tax money back to Wyoming to support our people and economy here.




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