To: Jeremy Stoppelman, Co-Founder and CEO

YELP: Help! You're in bed with the devil, ALEC

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Yelp, you need to get out of bed with ALEC, the author of anti-people laws all over the country--laws to suppress voters' rights, "stand your ground," bust the public-employee unions, execute the GOP's war on women, and privatize schools, prisons, and other vital government services!

We demand you divorce ALEC immediately!

Why is this important?

Yelp, the popular San Francicso-based site for restaurant and other reviews, has recently crawled into bed with ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, which develops and promotes model legislation all over America--legislation that is detrimental to the lives of consumers, voters, workers, and their families; in other words, to us, Yelp's customers.

Yelp, we've been your neighbors, your friends, your foodie fanatics -- and we've helped you build your brand all these years. Surely you know that your joining ALEC (whatever the reason) means that part of your money goes to fund their anti-voter, racist, anti-worker, anti-women activities.

Yelp, your credibility depends on trust. We can't trust you as long as you are in bed with ALEC, which is nothing but a mouthpiece for greedy corporations and their anti-people right-wing agenda.

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