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To: SF Flower Mart supporter

YES! I support Flowers for the Hill!

YES! I support Flowers for the Hill!

San Francisco City Leadership - help bring San Francisco’s historic Flower Market to 901 16th Street in Potrero Hill today!

Not only will this project preserve hundreds of wholesale floral industry jobs and small businesses here in San Francisco, it will reactivate a long underused block in Potrero Hill. This neighborhood has a long and proud history of providing space for light industrial and wholesale businesses to thrive in San Francisco, and the Flower Market would be a perfect fit to continue this tradition.

Please do not delay approving this important and historic project!

Why is this important?

It is crucial that San Francisco leaders in City Hall see that neighbors, residents, small business owners, and the Bay Area floral community have come together to form a strong coalition in support of this important project. By adding your name to this list, you are helping bring San Francisco's historic Flower Mart to Potrero Hill. For more information on the SFFM's rich history, visit


Reasons for signing

  • SF Market is a Historical and a Vital and Indispensable all important Part of of the Bay Area Floral Industry
  • So the legacy of the SF Flower Mart continues. Providing florists and designers a time honored tradition of procuring fresh flowers and floral related products I’m the Bay Area and beyond. The SFFM is a class act is deserves a location that reflects it’s style.
  • Love the flower Mart...It has been there for so many years...a part of the City!


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