To: The New Jersey State House, The New Jersey State Senate, and Governor Phil Murphy

Your Support Needed: Increase NJ’s Shore Protection Fund

The present $25 million/year Shore Protection Fund is critically underfunded and insufficient to meet anticipated costs of New Jersey's coastal restoration projects. An increase to $50 million in the Fund is needed to protect New Jersey's coastal infrastructure and the $20+ billion shore tourism economy. Urge your legislators to support Assembly bill A2945 and Senate bill S311.

Why is this important?

Current funding of $25 million/year has not been increased since 1998. Coastal protection programs must include back bays, barrier islands and the inland waterways that are sources of flooding for coastal and urban communities. Shore Protection Fund's beach protection programs are an investment in our State’s $20+ billion shore tourism economy. Urge your legislators to support this much-needed increase in the Shore Protection Fund.


Reasons for signing

  • The City of Atlantic City encourages the increased funding to help protect our beautiful beach as well as our home owners in the back bay sections of our town with the increasing water level rising we depend on Shore Protection Funds immensely.
  • As global warming melts land based glaciers, our oceans will continue to rise at an accelerating rate. We will need billions to protect our lives and properties along the NJ coastline in the coming years. $50 million is a very meager amount but double what it is now, so please sign the petition.
  • Please support to increase NJ's Shore Protection Fund!!!!

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