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Z S.F.G.H. hospital currently paying LAZ parking for parking permits. Their parking permits do not accommodate our work schedules.

We are a 24 hour hospital, with mandatory overtime.
One of the majority shift is 12 hours 7 am to 7:30 pm and the other 8 hour shift is 7am - 3pm. when we work doubles is 7am to 11pm.
We asked LAZ parking to sell us all day passes and they said there is a 3 year waiting list.

We would like for SFMTA to be more transparent effective and consistent with Zuckerburg San Francisco General Hospital worker allowing workers 24 hour parking on campus or for "W" street parking policy's falling under the medical exemption on the SFMTA website.

Why is this important?

This is important to us

Our department is 24hrs and mandatory overtime is constant daily because we are very short staff and we are working day evening and night shifts.

Looking for parking and moving our cars every 2 hours is not possible.
For those who have nights and weekend passes and are working multiple shifts.

To receive citations is just unfair and their should be a compensation given back. Also what are we to do because we are not going to purchase two passes and we are still Z.S.F.G.H employee that even with a pass day or night the lots don't even have enough spaces for employees to park rather it be the parking lot on 23rd or our campus lot!

It needs to be some type of resolution and accommodation for all employees and once again our department is a 24hr department and we work around the clock!

we do need help fighting this!



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