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To: CNN presidential debate hosts Jake Tapper and Dana Bash

Act Now to Sound the Alarm on Nukes at the Presidential Debates!

Global tensions have rarely been so high, and nuclear-armed countries, including the United States, are likely to expand their arsenals in response — and push the world closer to a breaking point. At the first debate, I urge you to ask the candidates, “How will you work to reduce nuclear tensions as President?”

Why is this important?

From China to Russia to the United States, we’re witnessing troubling moves to build nuclear weapons that push us all toward global catastrophe. Even a “small” nuclear war — where just three percent of the world’s current nuclear arsenal is deployed — would have apocalyptic effects. Millions would be killed on impact, followed by environmental destruction, famine, and more death in the fallout.

There’s one thing we all deserve to know: How will the President of the United States respond in the face of this rising threat?

President Joe Biden and Donald Trump could tell us how they’d act at their first debate later this month. The problem? We don’t know if CNN moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will ask.

That’s where you come in. We have just a narrow window of opportunity to urge the presidential debate moderators to pose a crucial question about nuclear weapons at the first Presidential Debate on June 27. 

The good news is that they can’t ignore a call from tens of thousands of activists from across the country urging them to do it. Sign now if you agree: Debate moderators must ask President Biden and Donald Trump about any nuclear plans!




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