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To: FDA and USDA

Adopt Pono-Cocoa Certification Nationally

You have failed your on bill to protect children trafficked into unpaid labor in cocoa back in 2001 and continue to fail on your projects from 2014 to this day. The corporations you work with have had zero successful projects in over 20 years. It is clear at this point that they are unable to successfully self regulate, especially if it’s voluntarily. And that the government needs public support on this isssue corrupted by Big Chocolate corporations. The label that distinguishes between child slave-free, Cocoa and Chocolate versus Slave-to-bar chocolate needs, to be re-considered and finally implemented. We have done all the legwork and foot work to complete all the ins and outs of navigating a national label for the certification of child slave free cocoa and Chocolate products, including but not limited to creating the actual label. All we ask is that you consider adopting our label since you’ve needed it since back in 2001, 22 years. Use on a national level to distinguish between slave-to-bar chocolate, and slave-free chocolate in lieu of the missing or never developed FDA label will answer every consumers problem in identifying child slavery in their cocoa and Chocolate.

Why is this important?

Small chocolate companies are not able to compete against the prices of big chocolate corporations that use child slavery. Since the farm labor is unpaid, and all the wages, just go to the CEOs, it’s no wonder why it’s important to compete against companies like them. However, they have normalized child-slavery in cocoa in West Africa for over 120 years or eight generations. So it’s time for the normality of child slavery in cocoa to become a shocking occurrence, or not happen at all, instead.

No competition can happen that’s fair while some employees are (forced into) working for free. Chocolate is an unfair market and there’s no way to compete and no way to enter. New companies would almost have to use cocoa produced by child slavery to have prices near the same as big chocolate corporations. Chocolate companies deserve to be able to compete with Big Chocolate corporations. It’s not fair that they’ve destroyed competition, through the deliberate use of child slavery. And, of course, keeping it all hidden.

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