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To: Governor Kristi Noem

Animal abusers don’t belong in office! Tell Kristi Noem to step down as governor

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem recently disclosed in her new book that she shot and killed a family puppy, Cricket, stating that she "hated that dog" and that he was "less than worthless … as a hunting dog."

Animal abusers should not be in office! Tell Noem to step down as governor immediately!

Why is this important?

Noem thought her disclosure about shooting and killing her family puppy and goat would impress her far-right base—but most people have responded with shock and disgust regarding her cruel and heartless behavior. While the statute of limitations for crimes like animal cruelty has likely expired since the incident, that doesn’t mean Noem’s actions should go without consequences.

Noem was first elected as governor in 2018 and has had multiple controversies—from intervening in her daughter’s real estate appraiser license to potential misuse of her state airplane. And the MAGA politician's lack of compassion and poor judgment extends into the policies and laws she backs, with Noem reporting a 100% anti-abortion voting record, including supporting an abortion law that doesn’t allow exceptions for incest or rape and advocating for cruel anti-immigration policies. This most recent stunt confirms what we already know—Noem isn’t fit to be in office.

There is no excuse for what Noem did to Cricket. She may not think her tough-on-crime approach should apply to her own misconduct, but, together, we can hold her responsible. Sign the petition to call on her to step down IMMEDIATELY.



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