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To: Arizona State Legislators

Arizonans - Tell the State Legislature to Oppose Guns On Campus

Arizonans - Tell the State Legislature to Oppose Guns On Campus

I ask that you oppose SB 1123 and HB 2447, and any other similar legislation that would allow students, faculty, staff and visitors to carry loaded, concealed handguns on campus, including in dormitories, classrooms, theaters, laboratories, libraries, student health and counseling centers, and faculty and administration offices.

If signed into law, this policy would greatly reduce public safety by allowing the carrying of concealed firearms on Arizona’s college campuses.

Arizona’s colleges, universities should be safe havens for learning and growth, where students, faculty, staff and visitors need not worry about the threat of gun violence on their campuses.

Why is this important?

We need to make our voices heard to members of the Arizona Legislature that loaded, concealed guns don't belong on our college campuses. The Senate bill is moving and could be voted on very soon on the floor.

Please sign this petition and share with friends. We will deliver all signatures to lawmakers in Phoenix.

Thanks for all you do.

Andy Pelosi
The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus



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These bills are moving and we need to generate opposition.

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