To: Marc Berman (CA-24)

Assm Berman: We're counting on you for #AB14 against #DarkMoney! @AsmMarcBerman @JimmyGomezCA

Secret money from billionaires and special interests threatens everything we value. So thanks for coauthoring the California DISCLOSE Act. We’re all counting on you to pass AB 14 through your Elections Committee to stop political ads from deceiving voters about who’s behind them.

Don’t let AB 14 be delayed or amended to help Dark Money billionaires at the expense of our democracy.

Why is this important?

The California DISCLOSE Act, AB 14, will fight secret money in politics by making it illegal for political ads to mislead voters about who's paying for them. It requires ballot measure ads and ads about candidates by outside groups to clearly and prominently disclose their top 3 true funders — on the ads themselves.

AB 14 is facing a do-or-die vote in the Assembly Elections Committee, and Committee Chair Marc Berman -- a coauthor of the bill -- will help determine its fate. Sign the petition now to thank him for being a coauthor and ask him to pass it through his committee without letting it be delayed or weakened.