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To: Viviana Janer Commissioner Dictrict 2

Basketball Court Lights & Maintenance In Buenaventura Lakes Osceola County!

As a kid, I grew up going to parks, and now as an adult and a father, I love going to the park to play basketball with my son, his friends, and meet some great people. It's a way to escape anxiety, stress, and enjoy the sport. Unfortunately, many basketball courts in Buenavenutra Lakes, Osceola County have no lights and need maintenance. The floors are cracked causing injuries; rims are bent; nets are broken or missing.

Adding solar-powered lights can solve the electricity bill issue or adding self timered lights, where we press a botton to keep lights on while playing, while providing safe playing conditions at night. Let's give our community's basketball courts some much-needed love so everyone can continue enjoying this wonderful sport safely. Please sign this petition to support fixing up our local courts and adding Lights!

Why is this important?

It's very Important, because it's everyone's safety and makes the park look better, feel better and let's everyone enjoy the sport they love without the risk of an injury, or not being able to see, due to no lights and keeps us safer. 
"Much needed love and attention"

How it will be delivered

I will Personally be Delivering this Petition In Person and also sharing all over Socials, including Viviana's County Facebook Account.



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