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To: Mayor and City Council of Springfield SC

Blue Building in Springfield SC, Garden Club

The Non Profit Garden Club of Springfield SC, want to hold thier monthly meetings and special events,(approximately 3) per year, in the renovated city "Blue Building", old Post Office of Springfield, at no cost to the organization.
The Garden Club of Springfield SC, recently renovated the building, donating supplies, labor, and time, to make the interior, and exterior, safer and useable.
There is a 3 decade history of the Garden Club, supporting and maintaining this building. It has never had to pay for the minimal use of the building, and it has never interefered, with the rental of the building for other events.

Why is this important?

The Mayor has changed the locks, and only gave a 2 hour notice of the city's intent to ban the Club from use of this building.
Also it has been hinted that the Garden Club pay a use fee for this building.
Monies generated from Garden Club events always go towards improving the appearance of the City of Springfield, such as planting trees, cleaning up and planting in city garden.

It is important to take pride in our town. We are growing in population, and a few of the abandoned store fronts are being renovated and filled by new businesses. The Garden Club wants to help this growth with our spirit, energy, pride, and esthetic improvements.


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Monday May 13th is Springfield City Council meeting when this subject will be discussed.
Garden Club members ask that you sign this petition before that meeting.

Please share this link with Springfield friends and families.
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