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To: Minneapolis police officers, police leadership, and elected officials

Bob Kroll - leader of MPLS police union - is violent and racist. He has to go.

Bob Kroll, the leader of the Minneapolis police union, just called George Floyd a “violent criminal,” called the protests a “terrorist movement,” and he is defending the four officers who participated in killing Floyd. Kroll has said “I’ve been involved in three shootings myself, and not a one of them has bothered me.” We call on you to denounce and publicly call for the resignation of Bob Kroll as the leader of the Minneapolis Police Federation, and commit to removing him from power.

Why is this important?

Minneapolis police officers shouldn’t allow someone like Kroll to represent them, and elected officials shouldn’t tolerate police union leadership that promotes bigotry and violence, and blocks accountability and reform.

Kroll, like many police union leaders, is notorious for defending dangerous and abusive cops, resisting any form of accountability for police officers, and doing everything possible to block reform. He has worn a white supremacist badge, associated with other white supremacist cops, made many racist statements, and committed unprovoked brutality himself. After the city of Minneapolis recently banned “warrior-style” training -- referred to by its proponents as “killology” -- Kroll went out of his way to attack the decision and continue providing the training to cops. The former police chief of Minneapolis has called on Kroll to resign.

Kroll and the police union he leads aren’t unique. The Minneapolis police union -- like police unions across the country -- fights against police reform and accountability tooth and nail. They routinely defend violent and abusive officers, and often succeed in getting violent cops reinstated after they are fired. They use their political power to fight reform, and win contracts that effectively put police above the law. They attack and threaten anyone who dares to challenge the police, including activists, elected officials, and everyday people.

It’s time to confront police unions and expose their role in perpetuating police brutality, shielding violent police from accountability, and blocking common-sense reform. Confronting Bob Kroll and the Minneapolis police union is the first step in challenging the power of police unions across the country. By forcing Kroll out of leadership at the Minneapolis Police Federation, we can send a powerful message to police unions everywhere: if you continue to promote and defend police violence, your power will be taken away.




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