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To: Board of Education

Body Shaming By Dress Coding

Let's put a end to body shaming by ending some of the unnecessary dress coding.

Why is this important?

Let's put a end to body shaming by ending some of the unnecessary dress coding. Every person is built differently. Some things may fit bigger on some people while on others it may fit smaller. Unnecessary dress coding is causing self-esteem problems in many teenagers because they feel like their body isn’t enough because they may get dress coded for something that someone else didn’t get dress coded for when in reality no one is built the same. No one should have to feel like they are over or under weight because of how their clothes may fit & look on them. Wearing the same thing as someone else and looking different in it shouldn't get you singled out because yours shows your curves, form or fits differently and it should not be a reason to get dress coded. As long as everyone is covered it shouldn't matter how someones jeans, tights, shirts, etc covers the body. Also because of covid many parents and guardians are out of work and some students weren't able to return to school with new clothes this year and have to wear the same clothes from the past year so their clothes may fit tighter than they did the year before. Everyone doesn't have the same financial means to go shopping every time something fits a little tight so unnecessary dress coding is causing problems in many ways for these children. Body Shaming by dress coding needs to be stopped. Sign this petition in hopes for a change. Let's stop the body shaming now.

How it will be delivered

Online & in print.


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