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To: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC Make A Statement about Lyme Morgellons Science

Almost a decade has passed since the CDC's investigation of an Unexplained Dermopathy, also known as Morgellons Disease. Since that time a volume of contemporary research has demonstrated Morgellons is associated with an infectious process.

We want the CDC to acknowledge this research so that physicians are more comfortable treating patients who have Morgellons and also ruling out the condition in patients who do not.

Why is this important?

Many doctors do not understand there is a real Morgellons condition as opposed to the state of the patient mistakingly believing they have Morgellons. Doctors should understand what Morgellons is, rule it out in the patients who mistakingly believe they have it, and treat actual Morgellons patients according to the latest science.

How it will be delivered

We would like to stage a press conference to commemorate the gesture.



2021-07-10 05:47:08 -0400

This #Morgellons petition, with almost 700,000 signatures, will deliver a message to the President, your Senators and Representatives which states:

"Thousands of people around the world, and the numbers continue to grow, are complaining of symptoms which include: crawling sensation, severe itching, stinging bites, skin sores and pimple-like bite marks. We continue to visit doctors and spend our money on senseless remedies, in a desperate attempt to put an end to our suffering. Many believe is microscopic mites, others believe is Morgellons...but in the end, none of us know with certainty what is the cause of this horrible affliction""

2021-07-03 10:08:26 -0400

"Furthermore, patients with MD are not always aware that they have filaments, because magnification is needed to visualize the filaments and many are diagnosed with other conditions, such as lichen sclerosus or prurigo nodularis, which lack filament formation.7,87 In addition, systemic LD is commonly associated with dermatological conditions and neurological symptoms, such as paresthesias.7,87,97,98 As such, multiorgan MD symptoms overlap with LD because MD is associated with LD, and this dermatological and neurological symptom overlap may partly explain the odd movement or stinging sensations that MD patients experience."

2021-04-07 17:04:10 -0400

"A physician is required to perform fiber analysis to identify the nature of fibers. If fibers are present and biofilaments of human origin, then they are a true observation. It is also possible that patients might observe fibers and mistake them for worms in which case the idea of infestation could be an overvalued idea. Real infestation with arthropods such as mites can also occur. Additionally, some patients could have lesions with adhering textile fibers that are accidental contaminants and could mistakenly believe that they have MD, in which case they do not have a delusional belief, but a mistaken belief. In summary, if a physician cannot differentiate between true observations, delusions, and overvalued ideas, they should not immediately make a diagnosis of delusional mental illness." -Reframing delusional infestation: perspectives on unresolved puzzles

2021-04-03 20:52:38 -0400

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2021-03-23 00:29:24 -0400

"To date, Borrelia DNA has been detected in skin specimens taken from Morgellons subjects by at least seven independent laboratories and that fact is available by reading published papers available through a PubMed search. Collaborative studies that included Stricker, Middelveen and/or Fessler as author, in which Borrelia DNA was detected in specimens taken from Morgellons patients, were performed by four independent laboratories (University of New Haven, West Haven, CT; Australian Biologics, Sydney, NSW, Australia, IGeneX Reference Laboratories, Milpitas, CA, and UC -Irvine, Irvine, CA). As indicated in presentations made at Charles E Holman Foundation conferences, two additional laboratories, Mt Allison University in Sackville, NB, Canada, and Oklahoma State University, have also detected Borrelia DNA in MD skin cultures/and or skin specimens."

2021-03-21 16:44:10 -0400

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2021-03-20 07:29:20 -0400

"Resultant peer-reviewed papers, many of which are primary research, have repeatedly demonstrated an association between MD and spirochetal infection (predominantly Borrelia species) that is statistically significant. Evidence includes serological, histopathological and molecular evidence showing Borrelia exposure and/or infection in MD patients. Furthermore, Borrelia species have been cultured and genetically characterized from skin and other clinical specimens taken from Morgellons disease subjects, and culture is the ultimate proof of active infection."

2021-03-14 14:45:13 -0400

We're making moves! 15 signatures and only 85 to get to our next milestone...!
Will this make a difference? Several doctors have expressed to us that if the CDC recognizes the contemporary Lyme Morgellons science that they will recognize the real Morgellons condition. Together we can make this happen, and together we can do it this year!

2021-03-11 18:20:34 -0500

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2021-03-10 11:27:31 -0500

"Evidence supporting the hypothesis that Morgellons disease is an infectious process is published in many reputable, PubMed-indexed medical journals, including but not limited to: the International Journal of General Medicine, Clinical Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, BMC Dermatology, F1000 Research, Healthcare (Basel), Dermatology Reports, and Psychosomatics. Stricker, Middelveen and Fessler are not alone in supporting this point of view. They do not work in isolation, but collaborate with other laboratories. The evidence supporting an infectious process includes experiments performed in at least 12 different institutions that include universities, commercial laboratories or clinical practices, located in 4 different countries and include a diverse group of independent individuals."