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To: Clermont County, Ohio judicial system

Chad Doerman does NOT Deserve a bond!

Chad Doerman shot and killed his three young sons execution style in front of their mother in Ohio. One child got away at one point running into their field and he ran him down and dragged him back. His step daughter was able to escape. Mom was shot in the hand trying to stop him. His bond has been set at 20 million.

He took the life of 3 kids. Their mother and stepsister are now living with the trauma of witnessing this. This man showed no remorse and was only worried about his comfort, as seen in body cam footage. He deserves life imprisonment without bond, without parole, without forgiveness.

Why is this important?

People like this man don't deserve to walk the streets of this world, and be okay with what they've done. The judicial system is messed up.



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