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To: Mayor Patrick Collins and the City of Cheyenne, WY Council Members

Cheyenne Students need a Crosswalk

Cheyenne Students need a Crosswalk

Students at East High School need a flashing light, pedestrian crosswalk installed on Windmill Road between the East high school parking lots, the entrance to Brimmer Park, and the city bus stop.

Why is this important?

Keep Cheyenne's students safe! Install a flashing, lighted, pedestrian crosswalk between East high school, Brimmer Park, and the City Bus stop.

This stretch of roadway is extremely dangerous and students' lives are at risk in attempting to cross the road here. The location in question is just far enough from the Pershing Boulevard traffic light/cross walks where many motorists start to accelerate. Yesterday, I had to cross this section of road with 10 special education students from East high school, and I had a challenging time trying to get motorists to yield for us. As educators, we are teaching students to utilize city resources and how to navigate as young, independent adults. Both adult and student community members deserve safe and accessible access to and from this bus stop, East high school, and the city park.

Tell Mayor Collins and Cheyenne City Council Members to officially support this proposal and commit to the prompt installation of a flashing light, pedestrian crosswalk as soon as possible. We have NO lives to spare and next year can be too late.

Reasons for signing

  • Our kids need to be safe! Especially those with mobility barriers who may be unable to safely reroute in time restraints.


2021-07-15 14:33:21 -0400

We’d like to see this campaign gather more support/signatures and am looking at presenting it to the Mayor sometime in August. Can you help?
Please share!

2021-05-27 19:42:28 -0400

“Thank you” to all who support this petition! And to those who have come forward with your experiences of trying to cross here! Please continue to support this cause by sharing the petition with friends, family, and neighbors.

2021-05-26 21:50:11 -0400

100 signatures reached

2021-05-15 09:35:45 -0400

50 signatures reached

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