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To: Kamala Harris, Mike Dewine

Avery's Law: Children's Rights/Power Against Predators.

"The Children's Protections Registry"

“This is a petition to promote a searchable database dedicated to victims in the attempt to protect others.”

The National Sexual Abuse Registry has been in operation since 2007. States have mandated that convicted “sexual” abusers register to allow law enforcement and citizens the knowledge of their existence, location, and crime(s) committed.

This petition is to remove the word “SEXUAL” from the national registry & promote a registry that encompasses all forms of abuse as they are equally destructive.

After someone commits intentional harm to another, that person is left in an abused state. Sexual abuse is not the only heinous act that affects our people. Therefore, anyone who has been convicted of a felonious act where they caused trauma to others should be included in this modernized registry without the restriction of it being a sexual crime.

Currently it is within our Civil Rights that convicted parties be forced to register as a “Sexual Predator” of a specific type of abuse. In 2016, when presenting this petition, a member of the house noted that a children’s abuse registry would be against our civil rights. If that was correct, then it seemed logical that the registry as a whole would be revoked.

Abuse is described as cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal. That description does not uphold one type of abuse, and with that, nor should we. All forms of abuse should be treated equally, especially if that crime was against a child.

A database for child abusers presents: POWER AGAINST PREDATORS.

Why is this important?

It should be within our civil rights & duty to eliminate the word "Sex" from a criminal registry. Since 2007, we have had the right to know our surroundings. The registry has been to our protection, but only when the crime pertains to one particular act. However, that act is not the only one to cause lifelong damage or one to put us in peril.

If we had a registry open to crimes against children, we could keep them from situations that may harm them.

As an example, I could say that you have a neighbor who has children. One day it is asked that your child spends the night or goes on a family outing. Your children have played off and on for a year. You have talked to the parent(s) for the same year. All appeared normal. So, you let your child go. Then it is discovered that this neighbor abuses their child physically, but not sexually. Would the crime make a difference in your decision? Would you have been thankful to know that person's history? Could you have prevented your child from being injured?

I would hope that the word "yes" would have followed each question & that is what we can change with this petition.