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To: Healthcare Consumers

Class Action Suit - Health Insurance Companies

This is a call to action! Please help me circulate this petition to convince a law firm to file a class action suit against major insurance companies for practicing medicine without a license.

Why is this important?

Every day millions of patients with medical issues or patients who need necessary procedures are denied proper coverage by their health insurance providers. The patient/s are forced to use less effective drugs or go without due to the fact that they cannot afford the cost. My question is - under what basis do they have the right to tell you which drug or procedure they will pay for? The effective results are the insurance companies are dictating care and practicing medicine without a license.
Insurance companies should not be allowed to lessen a persons quality and longevity based on their profitability. Every month the insurance providers take billions of dollars from consumers and then refuse coverage due to their desire to maximize unfair and exorbitant profits.
Please help me be David in this David and Goliath fight!!


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