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To: The chairman of the house Farm Bill is Glenn Thompson republican from Pennsylvania district 15, the chairman in the Senate is Democrat from Michigan

Climate change can be greatly alleviated by farmers through the currently proposed Farm Bill.

Photo by Ryan Arnst on Unsplash
Think of the world that your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents grew up in. Now think of the world that you would like to see your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow up in. If climate change is not dealt with in an aggressive manner now, a Tipping Point will have been reached whereby there will be no going back, climate change will have changed our planet. Our great grandfathers world will have been lost to our great grandchildren.
That's why I created a petition to demand that congressmen and woman formulating the 2023 Farm Bill include provisions that require farmers to transition to a different way of farming. We need to incentivize our legislature ( think of a lot of yelling and shouting) to incorporate these provisions into the Farm Bill.
"The problem is the current method of farming and ranching causes: 1.) destruction of the soil, 2.) the way water is utilized, and 3.) it's produces CO2 instead of sequestering CO2 into the ground. The actions that need to be taken are: 1.) we need to get the word out that it is vitally important to incentivizing farmers and ranchers to transition to a regenerative style of agriculture. 2.) we need to get our Congress to incorporate into the upcoming Farm Bill the immediate transitioning to a regenerative style of agriculture. (think carrot and stick approach) 3.) We also need to reach out to the conservation people, the climate change people, the farm organizations, and of course the General Public via radio station talk shows, Town Hall meetings."
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Why is this important?

Only sign this petition if you care about this beautiful planet and how we want to leave it for our future generations.



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