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To: Congressman Eric Swalwell

Congressman Eric Swalwell - Support LGBTQ families in a more meaningful way

Dear Congressman Swalwell,

We, a coalition of local Elected Officials and community members, write to thank you for scheduling your upcoming meeting to discuss the incident involving Proud Boys at a family friendly Drag story time event at the San Lorenzo Library.

We appreciate your energy and compassion for this important issue. We also ask that you do more to protect LGBTQ students. We ask that you help stop Fremont Mayor Lily Mei from ascending to the State Senate; because doing otherwise would send a harmful message to LGBTQ families.

In addition to holding your planned event on Thursday, we ask that you reach out to your Congressional colleague, Hon. Congressman Ro Khanna to request that he pull his endorsement of Fremont Mayor Lily Mei in her run for the State Senate. Over 90% of members of the Alameda County Democratic Party agree that Lily's record shows a consistent and longstanding stance opposing LGBTQ students and families, including the banning of LGBTQ books and the opposition of resolutions in support of both Pride Month and Harvey Milk Day.

Lily is not a friend of LGBTQ families and does not share our commitment to protecting their rights.

As of a member of Congress, we ask that contact Congressman Khanna to help ensure that hate and discrimination have no place in our state capitol.


Why is this important?

On Saturday, June 11th, a group of Proud Boys verbally attacked attendees at a family-friendly LGBTQ Drag Story Hour that occurred at the San Lorenzo Library. Congressman Eric Swalwell has organized a meeting to discuss this issue and the harm caused to LGBTQ families.

His colleague in Congress, Hon. Congressman Ro Khanna, has endorsed an Anti-Gay candidate for State Senate. Her name is Lily Mei and over 90% of the members of the Alameda County Democratic Party agree that her anti-gay past makes her ineligible from receiving the Democratic Party's Endorsement.

We are asking that Congressman Swalwell do more than just hold a meeting. We are asking that he call his colleague in Congress to request the reconsideration of Lily Mei's endorsement.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be hand delivered to Congressman Eric Swalwell at a meeting scheduled for the week of June 13th.



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