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To: Juries of Trump's peers in Florida, New York, and hopefully D.C., Georgia, and Beyond

Convict Donald Trump

The juries assembled in Trump's criminal trials must treat him just like any other defendant.

Given the mountain of evidence already made public, they must convict Trump for his crimes against democracy.

Why is this important?

Donald Trump is a twice-impeached former president, who has now been indicted by a jury of his peers in New York and in Miami.

During Trump's two impeachment trials, GOP Senators who acted as the jury prevented Trump from being convicted and barred from future office because they were more interested in playing politics and holding onto power than in justice and accountability.

Trump is facing very serious criminal charges—34 felony counts in New York, and seven federal felonies in Miami, reportedly including violations to the Espionage Act and Conspiracy. They could put him in prison for a long time. And we still are waiting for expected charges for attempting to sabotage the 2020 election and inciting insurrection.

It is critical for the future of our democracy that Trump be held accountable for his actions. These juries cannot be allowed to treat him differently for the fact that he's rich, or a former president, or a contender to be our future president. He must be treated as if he is not above the law.




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