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To: Time, LLC

Dear Time Magazine: We are not your mammies.

Dear Time Magazine: We are not your mammies.

Acknowledge and apologize to African-American women who take offense to the cover of Time’s latest issue. We would prefer that the media company rescind the cover — which includes an African-American woman who looks distressed, who is holding a baby who seems to represent all those affected by the recent events.

Why is this important?

For decades, African-American women have always been expected to play the role of the mammy to the rest of the country if not the world. What is a mammy? An African-American woman who is expected to care for everyone and their children, with a smile, no matter how tired she is. The mammy puts everyone and everything first, until she cannot — until she dies.

Remove the cover or issue a revised one. It’s “time” to destroy the myth that we as African-American women are expected to be your on-the-ground savior.


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