To: Cory Booker, Senator

#DefundHate NJ

Demand significant cuts to funding for the detention and deportation machine.

Why is this important?

In his 2018 proposed budget, Trump has requested A LOT more money to fund the detention and deportation of immigrants, including:

• funds to hire new ICE and Border Patrol agents to terrorize our communities,
• more local police to focus on immigration enforcement,
• a massive increase in immigrant detention—the equivalent of locking up the entire population of New Orleans over the course of a year,
• $1.6 billion to build a southern border wall, and
• further border militarization including aircraft and surveillance technology

At the same time, the administration is seeking drastic cuts to vital housing, education, nutrition, and health care programs that help communities grow and thrive together. Trump has also already made the decision to take away DACA, putting at risk hundreds of thousands more to detention and deportation.

Congress is taking action on this budget right now. The bill which recently passed the House of Representatives gives Trump almost all of what he asked for, even though ICE and CBP have put the detention and deportation machine on steroids, regularly lie, hide information from the American public, and retaliate against anyone who speaks out.

It's now up to the Senate to make sure that Trump does not get the resources to launch his hate-fueled attacks on immigrants. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is a leading voice in the Senate and advocate for progressive immigration, criminal justice, and education reform. We believe he is in the position to be a progressive champion in opposing the immigration enforcement budget and to influence how much taxpayer money will end up going towards Trump’s anti-immigration agenda. We are asking you to sign this petition in order to tell Senator Booker that his constituents in the state of New Jersey want:

1) For Senator Booker to publicly call for significant cuts to the detention and deportation machine.
2) For Senator Booker to be a voice within the Senate for divesting from the detention and deportation machine and investing in healthcare, education, and housing programs and other vital programs.