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To: Target Corporate Office 521 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001

Demand Target Put Pride 2023 Merch Back Into the Stores!

Target removed Pride 2023 merch because far right anti-LGBTQ people demanded Target stop supporting attire attributed to gender and sexuality. The LGBTQ community deserves the support that Target Pride merch offered. They’ve been making money off of Pride for 10 years and now it’s time they support us!

Why is this important?

The LGBTQ community has faced backlash on a level not seen in over a decade. State after state is trying to ban gender-affirming care for people under to the age of 19 and removing children from the homes that support their child’s gender and/or sexual identity. If Target was willing to accept our money for 10 plus years, they should hold strong rather than removing items WE and ALLIES wear to support LGBTQ persons, their families, and the future of all those who will be a part of OUR community.



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