To: The U.S. Department of Justice

Department Of Justice: Remove Biased Judges Like Andrew Hanen

Judge Andrew Hanen is undermining our justice system by imposing his own anti-immigrant bias on cases before him, including United States v. Texas - an immigration lawsuit that could impact millions of families across the country. According to federal law, judges who are biased should be disqualified from hearing the case. The Department of Justice needs to protect the integrity of our legal system and file a motion to remove Judge Hanen from any immigration related case.

Why is this important?

Judge Andrew Hanen is the conservative judge in Texas who blocked President Obama’s new immigration programs that allow undocumented parents of U.S. citizens, people who came to the United States, and children to apply for driver’s licenses and work permits.

In his latest display of anti-immigrant bias, Judge Hanen issued an outrageous order that accuses the U.S. Department of Justice of “misconduct” and demands that personal information of thousands of immigrants is released to the general public.

If carried out, Hanen’s biased order would leave thousands of immigrant families exposed to intimidation or even violence from anti-immigrant forces across the country.

Judge Andrew Hanen is not interested in upholding the rule of law; instead, he is willing to use the judicial system in order to carry out his biased political agenda.

If we want to uphold the integrity of our judicial system, then we need biased judges like Andrew Hanen to be removed from handling any case where their ruling is partial.

We demand that the Department of Justice file the necessary motions to seek the removal of Judge Hanen from overseeing United States v. Texas.


Reasons for signing

  • A judge's bias against immigrants has no place when deciding the fate of immigrants.
  • Any judge who brings his biased opinions to the bench needs to be removed.
  • Our judicial system must be unbiased and free of political maneuvering to remain trustworthy.