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To: The Trump Administration

Domestic Violence Is More Than Physical

Recently the Trump Administration changed the law regarding domestic violence. For years, the laws of domestic violence spread across numerous factors of abuse including mental, emotional, financial, and physical abuse. However, The Trump Administration recently changed it so that individuals are only victims to domestic violence if they are physically abused. They are removing the danger of men and women being emotionally, personally, psychologically, and financially abused, which are the largest forms of domestic violence as statistics show. I would like the Trump Administration to undo the change and revert back to what the law has outlined for almost fifty years.

Why is this important?

This change is important because there are going to be a lot more victims of domestic abuse because the perpetrators would now get away with abusing their partners without repercussions. Psychological and mental abuse could potentially lead to an increase in suicide due to the victims no longer having a way out of it with help from the law. The following link will take you to the article showing the Trump administrations decision.


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