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To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Don't Fund Trump's Deportation Machine!

Stop adding millions of dollars to Trump's mass deportation machine which attacks immigrant families. Demand cuts in the budgets for detention beds, ICE and CBP agents, and border militarization.

Why is this important?

Join us in demanding your representative and senators #DefundHate by publicly calling for significant cuts to the detention and deportation machine and opposing any funding bill which wastes taxpayer dollars on this unaccountable and abusive system.

Right now, Congress is making decisions about funding for the rest of this fiscal year, and they're considering massive increases in funding for new ICE and Border Patrol agents to terrorize our communities—an immigration detention system known for its abuse and mismanagement, and wasteful and dangerous border militarization, including the border wall.

Congress has failed to pass permanent protections for immigrant youth, TPS-holders, or many other members of our communities. ICE and CBP under the Trump Administration have put the detention and deportation machine on steroids, continue to ramp up aggressive and hateful raids and other immigration enforcement, hide information from the American public, and retaliate against anyone who speaks out. With this track record, it's clear that Congress should be looking at cuts in funding, not huge increases!

Congress must take steps now to cut funding that rips families apart and and instead invest in programs proven to support communities growing and thriving together like housing, education, nutrition, and health care.




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