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To: Manhasset Board of Education

Dr Butera must be terminated

Dr Butera must be terminated

Terminate Vincent Butera immediately

Why is this important?

Manhasset School District must have zero tolerance for sexual harassment of any kind.

Dr Butera violated the schools sexual harassment policy. An independent investigation concluded that he did in fact violate this policy. The findings are not in dispute.

The BOE knew about these findings since November 2020 and claims to have taken action but Dr Butera is still employed by the district while the teacher felt she had to leave her job in the district in order to feel safe enough to speak out. This is not right. Any action by the Board short of termination is insufficient.

Allowing Dr Butera to continue to lead our district, in light of these findings, sends the wrong message to our students. It tells the boys they can sexually harass another without fear of consequence and it tells the girls that even if their allegation is proven true, nothing will happen to the harasser.

Manhasset demands excellence and that excellence must extend to a persons moral character. Dr. Butera is not fit to lead our district. He cannot be trusted to make the right decisions and choices for our students and has clearly shown poor judgment with his actions. Manhasset deserves better than this and the BOE must act immediately and terminate him.

Reasons for signing

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  • If the Board of Education had listened to what Dr. Kendall was trying to tell them last summer, this would have been over much sooner. Maybe the Board should consider resigning as well.
  • Let’s teach boys how they can’t get away with these disgusting acts so easily and let’s teach girls to speak up and not be scared of the boys not getting any consequences. I’m absolutely disgusted.


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