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To: James Quincey, Coca-Cola CEO

End corporate funding of the anti-democracy GOP

Lovely press releases aren't enough. Coca-Cola and other major funders of the anti-democracy GOP must end all contributions to the Republican party. The continued support of GOP candidates, committees and PACs that are actively destroying voter rights and our democracy is UN-American. Coca-Cola must act to end all funding of Republicans at both the state and federal levels, and strongly support the voter rights bills now in congress.

Why is this important?

The destruction of our democracy is being enabled and financed by Coca-Cola and many other corporations through contributions to Republican committees, candidates and the PACs that support them. It's not enough to issue belated press statements against voter suppression laws being enacted across the country, corporations must ACT. This is far more effective than choosing to buy Pepsi.


Reasons for signing

  • Stop funding anything that makes a mockery of our democracy!
  • Corporations should stand with the people they employ, and not the politicians who only gain from their profit
  • Grew up in rural Arkansas when back in the sixties in the so-called end of Jim Crow laws my parents and all Blacks had to wait for all the White People to vote before they could and now thanks to Trump here we go again white supremacy alive and well but by the way did it ever die?


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