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To: Congress

End corruption on the Supreme Court! Hold Clarence Thomas accountable.

Pass the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal and Transparency Act.

Why is this important?

It seems that there’s no end to how many luxury vacations, shady payments, and lavish gifts Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has received.

The Senate Judiciary Committee recently reported that Thomas took an additional 3 trips — including a yacht vacation in Indonesia — funded by billionaire GOP mega-donor Harlan Crow. Over two decades, Clarence Thomas has received over $4 million in gifts, much of which have been undisclosed like these trips with Crow.

These GOP billionaire-funded gifts and the many scandals and conflicts of interest on the Court — between Thomas, Alito, and Roberts — cast serious doubt on the impartiality and ethical standards on SCOTUS.

But Congress can hold Thomas accountable and finally end corruption on the Supreme Court, by passing the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal and Transparency Act..

The list of Thomas’ corruption scandals is long and includes mysterious, unexplained business income, a web of conservative dark money benefitting him and his wife, failures to recuse himself from cases where he has clear conflicts of interest, and much more.

Here’s how the New York Times put Thomas’ refusal to recuse himself from Trump’s immunity case it: “Justice Clarence Thomas, who participated in the case despite his wife [Ginni] Thomas’s own vigorous efforts to overturn the election.

Justice Alito also recently became enmeshed in a new corruption scandal when it was discovered that a Stop the Steal style flag
was flying over his house in 2020. The flag flew as the Court considered whether or not to take on a critical election case in the days after the Capitol riots, just before President Biden was sworn in.

The Supreme Court is supposed to be fair and independent, but conservative Justices’ corruption and ethics scandals are piling up. We need Congress to pass this bill to finally create a real, binding code of conduct for our federal courts.




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