To: Rebecca Adducci, Detroit Field Office Director, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Esmeralda & her kids shouldn't be torn away from their home!

Please grant a stay of removal to Maria Esmeralda Cornejo Lopez (A #078758496). She is a hardworking mom of three U.S. citizens. Her children deserve the chance to finish school just like their friends. Please stop Esmeralda's deportation!

Why is this important?

Why are immigration officials in the Obama Administration targeting a mother of three U.S. citizens for deportation?

If ICE officials go through with Esmeralda's deportation, her entire family will be devastated. Her two oldest children have received numerous awards for good grades and behavior, but they'll be forced to leave their school and home!

Even their principal thinks ICE is making a terrible mistake -- the girls should be able to finish school just like any other child.

Esmeralda has lived in the US for 14 years. She has no criminal record and pays her taxes. She'd likely qualify for the path to citizenship in the Senate immigration bill, but House Republicans refuse to bring it to a vote.

The Obama Administration shouldn't punish Esmeralda and her girls just because Congress won't do its job.

Esmeralda has no other family in the US, and she's terrified of taking her daughters back to her native Michoacan, where violent drug cartels are a part of daily life.

We can help Esmeralda and her children by asking the Obama Administration to grant her a "stay of removal" so they can stay home where they belong.

The petitions you've signed in the past have stopped several deportations -- we know we can help Esmeralda and her family, too!

Esmeralda's children shouldn't be torn from their country, and Esmeralda from the only place she calls home. We need to help keep this family here!


Reasons for signing

  • she is a hard worker to stay at the U.S. in mexico is very bad there and they try to esqape form that please let them stay!!!
  • Let her stay plz
  • Please have mercy for this lady's children and allow her yo stay with them in the U.S.