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Expel Representative Matt Gaetz from Congress, now!

Of the many only-in-Florida aspects of the Rep. Matt Gaetz sex-crimes investigation, one stands out for its utter weirdness: the story of the Israeli consulate staffer, the cartoonist who created Dilbert and a complicated shakedown scheme tied to a former CIA operative captured in Iran.

The most-salacious aspects of the federal probe into Gaetz have received saturation media coverage over the months. But scant attention has been paid to the mysterious cameo of Jake Novak, the broadcast media director of the Consulate General of Israel in New York.

Three days before the story broke in March that federal investigators were probing whether Gaetz had sex with a 17-year-old girl, Novak began corresponding with Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams about the scandal. The two were pals on social media. Novak indicated to Adams he had inside knowledge of the probe and also suggested he was personally involved in an effort to get $25 million out of Gaetz’s wealthy father to help free an American hostage in Iran named Bob Levinson.

Need I elaborate more on why this man shouldn’t represent anyone let alone be in Congress of the USA. He hasn’t been properly probed, investigated, or questioned as he is a member of Congress & above the law. It’s possible these allegations are false but not much has been proven to be untrue either.

If this man and many others have been caught in the lies of Trump & the Republicans about Jan.6th of the year 2021. That’s 21 yr after Mr. Bush won by a small margin & was involved in a recount, no call for fraud from Mr. Gore (both are mature grown men that take a loss like men.

Why is this important?

After this story published, Gaetz sent a letter to the Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan requesting a meeting with him to discuss Novak’s communications with Adams.

The allegation that a foreign official may be involved in a shakedown scheme of a U.S. congressman — a highly unusual development in its own right — could help provide a fuller picture of a scandal that has captivated the nation’s capital but where many pieces are still unknown. The allegations have been largely overlooked by most media outlets.

The Novak incident is one of the many twists and turns in the Gaetz case, replete with reports of drug-fueled orgies organized by a former local tax collector in Florida, Joel Greenberg, who pleaded guilty to a host of crimes, including sex-trafficking a minor who later became a porn star. He’s cooperating with federal authorities to bring a case against Gaetz in return for leniency. His sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 18.

The Gaetz case has jumped from straight news headlines to entertainment. A Gaetz-like congressman is to be featured Thursday in a Law & Order season-premier. And Gaetz was also invoked in a lawsuit against the online “sugar daddy”website not to be mentioned. OK IT’S CALLED Seeking or something. This is a Representative of the United States of America & he has a fiancée he is a cad, a two faced, flip flopping, silver tongue devil. I myself believe he isn’t acting like a Christian.


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