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To: Facebook

Facebook shouldn’t profit off of racist violence and white supremacy.

In the wake of the Buffalo shooting, Facebook is still circulating videos of the shooting and content elevating the white supremacist “replacement theory” that inspired the gunman’s attack at a local grocery store in upstate New York.

And what’s even worse? Facebook actually is profiting off this content with ads running alongside traumatic videos of the shooting and political ads running on the platform, spouting the lies and hate of replacement theory.

Facebook shouldn’t profit off of racist violence and white supremacy. The platform should take any and all steps necessary to demonetize and remove content related to replacement theory – including political ads – as well as content that glorifies the racist massacre in Buffalo.

Why is this important?

Big Tech companies can take down and stop profiting off racist violent content like the Buffalo shooting video. Google designated the Buffalo shooting as a “sensitive event,” preventing ads from running on searches related to it. Facebook has not yet decided to demonetize and remove content related to the Buffalo shooting video and replacement theory.

The New York Times and Tech Transparency Project found that “Facebook is surfacing the violent video or links to websites hosting the clip next to ads.” Facebook even recommended some search terms for the Buffalo shooting video as “popular searches” on the platform.

A study by Media Matters for America revealed that Facebook has profited off over 50 ads from right-wing political candidates pushing the replacement theory and allowed hundreds of similar organic posts from right-wing media outlets.

Facebook doesn’t have to profit off this racist violence and white supremacy. Join us in speaking out and demanding action from Facebook.

1. Mac, Ryan. "Buffalo gunman’s video is surfacing on Facebook, sometimes with ads beside it." The New York Times. 19 May, 2022.
2. Gogarty, Kayla. "Facebook profited from ads promoting white supremacist “great replacement” theory." Media Matters for America. 20 May, 2022.



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