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To: Customers

Fair work place

I have been working at this company since 2005, I need help in getting justice for the wrong doing that has been happening to myself not only from the management team but the Human Resources as well. The following has occurred sexual statements, hipaa violation, hours decreased, trying to force me out and telling other’s employees not to talk to me. This has unfair uncomfortable but also overwhelming. I am getting discipline it for what others done to me. Hopefully I can help in justice and to make known just how much this company cares for the employees

Why is this important?

To make the company aware that no matter what position a person held they all should be treated with respect and to know it’s not okay to sweep or turn your head about an issue that has been brought to their attention rather it’s small or big. All complaints matter!!


2023-05-21 02:25:29 -0400

Trying to get the attention of The States Attorney ,The News, Radio Station(s) and all walks of life. I am in need of help on getting the word out and a thorough investigation done within this company. There are laws for the following Sexual Harassment (comments) Discrimination Hippa Violation(s) Unfair Treatment and Retaliation and so far this particular company has been able to successfully break all of them. I am fighting this fight alone but just like any fight it’s takes a strong and determined person to succeed and having support from others would be better. I am seeking all and any help with this issue. Leaving the company won’t solve the problem but having these issues brung to surface will not only give me a chance to be heard but gives others the strength to speak up.Help shouldn’t only come due to violence, crimes, strikes or looting my status shouldn’t play a factor on rather I should be heard or even received justice this should be based on that I am human.

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