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To: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

Fight back against banking & ATM junk fees!

If you have a credit card or bank account, then you've probably had to pay junk fees. From credit card late fees to ATM fees, convenience fees to overdraft fees, U.S. banks and financial institutions are padding their profits with our money.

Economy-wide, these hidden and predatory fees add up to tens of billions of dollars each year. Sign the petition now to demand the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulates banking and ATM junk fees.

Why is this important?

Junk fees are squeezing the middle class, taking money out of their pockets and putting it in the hands of big businesses.

And these are not small nuisance fees attached to luxury items — Americans are being overrun by junk fees in critical sectors, like banking. Consumers deserve the freedom to bank without the fear of unexpected or unexplained fees surprising them around every corner.

It's time to eliminate bogus junk fees! Add your name to demand our government put consumers before corporations.



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